Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique):
Emotions are thoughts powered with high bio-energy. It cannot be handled with one’s logicality and it needs a different treatment!.
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Human Emotions…
Unpleasant Emotions Healthy Emotions
Anxiety Love
Demeaned Happiness
Hurt – pain Compassion
Worry Understanding
Disillusionment Affection
Insecurity Brotherhood
Victimized Unity
Anger Security
Hate Peace
Depression Courage
Frustration Encouragement
Loneliness Joy
Bitterness Patience
Jealousy Gratitude
Envy Acceptance
Unworthiness Respect
Rage Fulfillment
Guilt Faith
Self rejection Hope
Self doubt Peace
Shame Affirmation
Injustice Respect
Disappointment Satisfaction

Emotions are thoughts powered with high bio-energy. It cannot be handled with one’s logicality and it needs a different treatment!. In this technique the participant will be given lots of life situations and examples in the forms which the participants have to fill with their emotional moods. The emotions will be classified into Triggers, Results of the emotions, the participant’s reaction to the situation and the belief system that created this emotion turmoil.
Emotional Wellbeing is a form of Energy Psychology, is based on the insight that disturbing emotions are actually energy imbalances in the body. Body energies become imbalanced when we think thoughts that we judge as unacceptable. Our emotional reactions to specific thoughts can be neutralized by balancing the energies of the body-mind, while thinking those thoughts.

Emotions are thoughts with intensity. They can be felt in our mental space. They help us to feel how we are in this moment. We are designed to feel both negative and positive emotions for a purpose.
We experience a wide variety of emotions from love to fear. Love is based on feelings of security and unity, whereas fear is based on a sense of danger and separateness.
We sometimes experience many emotions simultaneously. We may feel fear, rejection, hurt, disillusionment, injustice, guilt and anger all at the same time. In such cases, we will need to discover which beliefs are creating each emotion.
A stimuli may be an external event or thoughts which triggers the belief system, subsequently our emotional reactions which may lead to physical actions.

Our emotions are usually triggered by some stimulus. Our usual stimuli are
• The most frequent stimuli have to do with statements, comments, behaviors or actions created by family, friends or coworkers.
• Stimuli can be external happenings such as earthquakes, fires, floods, political changes social events etc. We might feel fear, injustice, anger etc.
• Sometimes our thoughts about the past or the future become stimuli. We may feel bitter, angry or guilty about the past or anxious about the future. We might worry about our children’s success or failure.
• Our secondary reaction to the thoughts can also be stimuli. For example we may feel guilt because we notice ourselves feeling jealousy, hate or anger. Or we might feel self-rejection or anger at ourselves because we notice ourselves fearing.

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