Psychosomatic diseases

These are the diseases which are developed in the body due to mal-function of the mind.
If body has following alignments or diseases
• Chronic fatigue
• Head ache
• Body stiffness
• Back Pain
• Digestive disorders
• Sugar/ Cholesterol
• Constipation
• Eye/Ear diseases
• Obesity

Following could be the mental patterns that would have caused these physical discomforts….

• Chronic fatigue – shrunk and dried by the weight age of big goals

• Head ache – Too much of spending time in head; trying to fix all issues by analysis

• Body stiffness – Unwillingness to be flexible in seeing other view points

• Back Pain – Feeling unsupported by life

• Digestive disorders – Unable to understand and assimilate the situations or happening in life

• Sugar – No Joy in life; Life has become dry & grey without colors/juice

• Constipation – Unable to let go the past

• Eye/Ear diseases – Unlikely events are happening in and around you which are unpleasant to see or hear that are happening around…

• Obesity – Mind senses the world around one is very dangerous and for the purpose of protection, the body develops fat in thick multiple layers…

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