Visualization Techniques

We have the power to visualize in our inner space and the beauty is that it has the power to manifest itself in the physical world as your reality. Once we understand we have the power, we can claim the power and use it our way.

o Visualize yourself as little child – See the longing in the eyes
o Visualize your father as a little boy – frightened, crying and looking for love
o Visualize your mother as a little girl – frightened, crying and looking for love
o Visualize metaphorically your current situation in life, career and relationships

The positive visualization of an alternative, more positive, life-fulfilling reality is most effective when it is done in a deeply relaxed state of mind, in which the conscious mind is calm enough to concentrate on one image, concept or idea more profoundly and completely. In this way, the subconscious mind is more effectively programmed. This is a type of self-hypnotism, positive projection or “Mind Control”. For example, if our present reality is that we often fight with our spouse, we can start visualizing periodically about all the activities of the harmonious relationship.

Once we discovered the origin of the negative and limiting beliefs we would like to transform, we have to release it from our system. Most of them are based on past experiences. Releasing the effect may help to release the cause too. We can release the effects of these past experiences through Catharsis such as crying, shouting, hitting a pillow, moving, running, etc.

Positive thought projection
In a state of relaxation where the conscious mind comes into contact with the subconscious we can begin to project our beliefs or affirmations or truths into the subconscious which we would like to strengthen.

Guidelines to perform Positive thought projection:

A. The body position- sit straight with the muscles comfortable and relaxed.
B. The surroundings should be protected from disturbances.
C. The technique
• Take 5 to 10 slow deep breaths.
• Now take three deep breaths, hold your breath while focusing on the forehead, and then while exhaling the first time, imagine the number three flash in the mind three times. Then do the same with the number two three times and then the number one three times.
• Check the body and relax the parts that are not completely relaxed.
• Count backwards from 10 to 1. With each number feel your body and mind falling inward into a deeper and deeper state of relaxation.
• Imagine that you are in a place in nature (real or imaginary) where you feel even more peaceful and relaxed.
• If this is the first time you are performing this technique for changing a specific negative thought form, then create a mirror in your mind where you see your negative thought form – your negative belief – or your self as you were but would not like to be anymore.
• Now smash this mirror into pieces and see the old thought form totally destroyed. Never to be created again. (Thus when doing this after the first time with each specific subject which you want to change or work on, you will never recreate the mirror, but will bypass last two steps)
• Now bring to mind you positive affirmation that you would like to program into your subconscious mind.
o Repeat it mentally three times, feeling it and letting it pass deeply within you.
o Now repeat it three more times mentally imaging that you are declaring this truth to your family members who are all sitting in front of you. Imagine that they accept and affirm your phrase.
o Imagine now announcing your phrase three times to a large audience.
o Now repeat it mentally three more times imagining that you are shouting it with such power that it is heard throughout the universe. Imagine your mental shout reaching the far reaches of the universe.
• Now imagine your vision – your new positive thought form of yourself as you would like you be. As you will be when you have changed your beliefs system. Imagine however that you are that way now already.
• Imagine yourself with inner security and self-confidence in all situations. Imagine yourself feeling peaceful, comfortable and loving with all persons, including yourself.
• Create positive images concerning any other subjects that are important to you.
• Slowly count from 1 to 5 returning to waking consciousness.

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