Chandara Sekar

Mediation Guru
Brief info

He is a Orator,  Meditation Master and Living Enlightened Master. He has a deep understanding about the Human mind and Spirituality and mastered various modern techniques. Has a wide range of knowledge in different school of philosophies. Eager in Helping people with life issues through his insights, Meditation Camps, Online Webinars across countries…


Menaka, Happy Client

I would recommend the workshop on Anger Management to all my clients…They are perfect for those we really want to make some change in their life…They are great people to work with and you can feel a loving energy throughtout…This is my resort for my stress buster. Thanks for being here. Best Meditations ever…


Rajesh, Happy Client

My Second new home… Love it and can’t live without it! Every month there are awesome events in the center, like different type of amazing deep meditations, workshops and many more. An atmosphere of peace and serenity. Wonderful workout for the body and mind. An approach that can be done at any age. Thank you so much for training us!

Stacey Nash

Stacey Nash, Happy Client

I look forward to this class all week. No matter what kind of mood I have, the very minute I step into Meditation, I change, I became the happiest person in the world! Meditation has brought so much peace and joy into my life. Thank you so much for being here for us! One of the most relaxing experiences I have ever felt.


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